Explaining the signs and the acronyms:

MLM: Multi Level Marketing, a kind of marketing in which, participants are paid bonuses and compensations, based on the amount of their activities and sales.

BV: Baadraan Value, the monetary value of each products of the Baadraan which the rewards in MLM compensation plan are derived and paid based on it.

BC: Boost Card, are discount credit cards sold in the Baadraan International Business Plan. Each Boost Card has 1 BC point for each 50 Euros for the buyer and his/her team leaders. Presently, there are three types of Boost Cards having 50, 100, and 200 Euros, and respectively, 1, 2, and 4 BC points for the buyer and his/her team leaders.

BU: Baadraan Unit, the unit which Baadraan uses for its payments. Each BU is equivalent to 30 Euro.

Boost: اis a sort of Voucher and internal score of Baadraan which is used for specific orders or using of specific facilities and services. These facilities are defined and expanded over time.

Boost Box: where Boosts are stored at the work desk.

BACCs: the upgrade stand or Boost Accounts, is a virtual stand that each person can use to maximize their reward.

ExRate: Exchange Rate used to convert Euro into local currency. All prices of goods are based on Euro, and they are converted to local currency for displaying on the site of the Baadraan. All rewards and payments are also used the above rate to convert from Euro to other currencies or vice versa. Please note that the exchange rate will be determined based on the the market exchange rates at the beginning of each period and will be considered as constant during that period.

Cycle: is a time during which each distributor is able to purchase and increase his/her scores (BC) and his/her downlines. Every period in Baadraan International Business Plan is considered a week. I such a way, the beginning of the period will be every Saturday as IR. of Iran Standard time, and its end is 24:00 of every Friday, as IR. of Iran Standard time. At the end of each period, the store will be closed, the calculations will be made, and the rewards will be recorded at the desk. The recorded rewards will be transferred to your account according to the terms and policies of drescribed by the Baadraan Network Co.

Baadraan International Business Plan

Baadraan Network Co. is one of the world's most popular direct selling firms, which have paid all the compensations and bonuses on time for many years. Joining the Baadraan International Business Plan, not only you can obtain discounts on goods and services you might need, but also you can benefit from the advantages of earning plan and be one of the commission earners of the company.

Baadraan International Business Plan (MLM) consists of a few plans based on which, the compensations and bonuses will paid as the total BV of product sold in each team. You can read the description of these plans when the Baadraan stores set up.


All distributors of Baadraan in outside of Iran can benefit from very excessive specific International Plan in addition to original compensation plan already in action. In this case, having activity in Baadraan Co., in addition to the special discount subject to the purchase of quality goods or services, you will receive two different kinds of bonus and commission. A monthly plan of Baadraan Compensation Plan (MLM) and another one is of weekly compensation of Baadraan International Business Plan.

Important note: No BC points will be calculated for Iranians purchases made on International Plan; therefore, only non-Iranian distributors registered on Afghanistan website can get the above reward.
The details of International Business Plan:

There are unique and special items distributed through Baadraan International Business Plan. This product is a discount credit card that can be used by you with an incredible conditions. It is to be noted that joining Baadraan Business plan is completely free and voluntary.

In order to use the benefits of the Baadraan International Business Plan, you have to buy a credit card worth 50 to 200 Euro. Immediately after physical delivery of the card, you have to register it on your work desk at the Afghanistan website. At the time you register the card, your personal account on your desk will be credited 5 times the amount purchased. It means that by registering a 100 Euros discount credit card on your desk, your Account will be credited for 500 Euro. Hereafter, you can pay 30 percent of your purchase amount by your the credit of the card up to 500 Euro at the time of purchase.

However, the utilization details and conditions for using these discounts will be explained when the Baadraan store established.


Purchasing and registering a card, not only you can use a discounts of 5 times amount buying the goods from the baadraan stores and other facilities presented later, but also you earn points proportional to BC card purchased by you in Baadraan International Business Plan. This score will be recorded for you and all your of your team leaders.

Baadraan International Business Plan is set in a way that you will be rewarded 1 BU (30 Euro) as bonus for every 6 BC you buy. This is only if the above 6 BC is registered at least in your both balanced hands in your downline. For example, you will be rewarded if you have 2 downlines each having 3 BC points registered by them or by their downlines. In that case, you will be rewarded 1 BU equal to 30 Euro.(Note that the purchase of each Account is not calculated for that Account itself, but it causes only that Account is qualified for being rewarded. For further information, read the reward payment conditions)

For example: Imagine you have two downlines named A and B. A and his team has gained 30 BC total. Whereas another person, B has earned only a total of 10 BC. For now, you are qualified to earn reward for every 9 BC from person A and 9 BC from B. Your reward will be 3x30 Euro. The rest of the BCs that is unaccounted will be stored for you, and they will be calculated by new BC at the next cycle. So in the next period, you will have a score of 21 BC in Person A and you will have a score of 1 BC for the team of person B. All scores received by these two people and their downlines will be added to the in the new period will be added to the stored scores and will be calculated for new cycle.
Reward Claims:

Each user can be rewarded according to his/her own purchase from the International Plan up to maximum of 12,000 Euros as table below:

The purchased card amount Receiving BC from Maximum reward
50 Euros 50-Euro Cards in team 3000 Euros
100 Euros 50 and 100-Euros Cards in team 6000 Euros
200 Euros All discount cards in team 12000 Euros

Each user can receive a reward in each period up to the maximum reward mentioned in above table. If a person's received reward exceeds than the amount stated in the table, all stored BCs in his team will be equaled to zero (Flash Out).

Each BU is worth 30 Euro. Which is calculated due to the exchange rate of Afghani of It becomes Afghan, based on the conversion rate of payment. Please note that the exchange rate will be determined based on the the market exchange rates at the beginning of each period and will be considered as constant during that period.

From all 6 BU for payment, the sixth BU will be as a Boost which could be seen at the desk in the Boobox. Gradually, the methods of Boost use will be explained.

The payment will be deposited at your desk account on the next Wednesday. The bank name and account number for depositing the rewards will be announced in the next few days.

Boost Accounts (BACCs):

Baadrann Network Co. has agreed to make Boost Accounts (BACCs) to maximize the rewards of the distributors. As default, you have 15 Boost Account as balanced and you can distribute your downlines in those accounts, so that maximize your earnings.


Let's say, you have 5 downlines of the following conditions:

User of the team Total BC scores of the team Transfer to BACCs number
A 20 7
B 10 14
C 30 8
D 25 13
E 15 9

In this case, by transferring those people to indicated positions, you can be rewarded, in addition to your account, for accounts 3, 1, and 6. This will happen only when the above account were qualified to ne rewarded. (For further information read the reward gaining conditions)

Account name BC obtained BC calculatable Compensation rate Saving for the next period
Main 65x35 BC 33x33 BC 11x30 Euro 32x2 BC
Position BACC 1 50x15 BC 15x15 BC 5x30 Euro 35x0 BC
Position BACC 3 20x30 BC 18x18 BC 6x30 Euro 2x12 BC
Position BACC 6 10x25 BC 9x9 BC 3x30 Euro 1x16 BC
Total earning 750 Euro
The rewards gaining conditions:

There is no limit to the compensation earning for the members registered in Afghanistan until the Baadraan store establish in this country. It is therefore the only condition required to receive a reward is credibility. Buying a card will give you credit. So in order for you to receive a reward, you have to register at least one valid card at your work desk.

Important: each card has an expiration date (which is 6 months after the registration date). In the event that your balance would not be as zero during this period, the card credit can be used to receive the reward. If your card balance gets zero or it is expired, you won't receive any reward. It is to be said that, during the time while you card is not valid, no BC will be recorder and stored in your downline account.

After setting up a shopping store in Afghanistan, all distributors tending to receive rewards more than minimum 30 to 120 Euro a week (Depends on purchased card amount) must purchase at least a specific amount of goods according to the following table:

For 50 Euro Card Holders (EURO) For 100 Euro Card Holders (EURO) For 200 Euro Card Holders (EURO)
Minimum amount of goods purchase Rewards rate Minimum amount of goods purchase Rewards rate Minimum amount of goods purchase Rewards rate
0 30 0 60 0 120
5 150 10 300 20 600
10 300 20 600 40 1200
15 450 30 900 60 1800
20 600 40 1200 80 2400
25 750 50 1500 100 3000
30 900 60 1800 120 3600
35 1050 70 2100 140 4200
40 1200 80 2400 160 4800
45 1350 90 2700 180 5400
50 1500 100 3000 200 6000
55 1650 110 3300 220 6600
60 1800 120 3600 240 7200
65 1950 130 3900 260 7800
70 2100 140 4200 280 8400
75 2250 150 4500 300 9000
80 2400 160 4800 320 9600
85 2550 170 5100 340 10200
90 2700 180 5400 360 10800
95 2850 190 5700 380 11400
100 3000 200 6000 400 12000

Comment: all purchases made by you from Baadraan stores will be stored in a place called sales bag. For example, when you buy a product of 200 Euro from Baadraan store, it is registered in your sales bag. At the end of each period, when your reward is going to be calculated, if you need to buy goods having a particular price, that amount will be deducted from your entire sales bag. In the event that your sales bag is empty, the minimum amount (between 30 to 120 Euro according to the above table) will be considered for you, and other privileges not receive will be stored for the next period.

To facilitate the transactions for users of other countries (except Afghanistan) to receive their rewards without presence in the respective country in order to purchase the goods, some arrangements have been considered, so that they can buy their goods in their own work desk in registration country (registered country), whether to get credit to become eligible, or to fill the sale bag.

For example: the Iranian distributors can activate their credit, must buy 50 to 200 Euro, based on the weekly conversion rate (ExRate) at their desk in IRR in the website for Iran. Obviously, this activation must be taken separately for each of the individual Accounts. In such a case, in addition to recharge their credit required for reward earning, their sales bag will be charged 250 to 1000 Euro.